Programs We Offer

Social Language Group

In partnership with the National Stuttering Association, Chatterbox will be exploring the benefits of providing children and their families with opportunities of social support by introducing them to other community members and encouraging participants to establish and maintain these friendships. 

Hungry, Hungry Reading Program

Teaming up with the Literacy Council of Clinton and Child's Play Therapy, the Hungry, Hungry Reading Program is a story hour designed to foster a love of reading between children and their families. Families and their children will be invited to gather to listen to a story and partake in a small craft as well as a light lunch provided during the event. Each child will also receive a book to take home to enjoy with their families! 

Kids Kitchen

Our own spin inspired by Melanie Potock's "My Munch Bug," the Kids Kitchen is a cooking class where children and their parents can come and enjoy the experience of cooking together while learning how to encourage their child to become more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods!

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